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Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Los Angeles

Losing a job is a matter of concern for everyone, and people lose jobs for many reasons. In many cases, employers fire employees who are not productive for the company. In today’s era of industrial automation, every employer wants to reduce the financial burden through adopting advanced technology. Automation helps companies reduce the number of employees, as the machine can automate various tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Though employers want to reduce the financial burden by reducing human resources, they cannot abruptly terminate an employee. In contractual jobs, abrupt termination happens more frequently. In such cases, employers give lame reasons for termination. If you feel that you are a victim of such unlawful termination, you must consult a Los Angeles, wrongful termination attorney. Since you are wrongfully terminated, you can take legal action against the employer and demand compensation.

Wrongful termination can affect the employees in two ways. Firstly, you will land in financial distress due to the job loss. Secondly, wrongful termination can damage your reputation. As a result, finding jobs in other companies will be a difficult thing. At ABDI and Associates, we offer legal consultancy to the victims of wrongful termination. We have veteran and skilled lawyers who can deal with wrongful termination cases to ensure that victims are served according to their legal rights.

California’s Law against wrongful Termination at Workplaces

The state of California has a strict law against wrongful termination. The state’s law recognizes most employment as “at will employment.” At-Will Employment refers to the type of employment that can fire an employee anytime. The employer may show the reason for termination. In a few cases, the employer does not need to show any reasons at all.

However, the termination should happen legally. For example, an employer cannot fire an employee showing a false reason. A false charge on the employee can damage his professional career. Getting a new employment opportunity will become difficult for such people.

In organized sectors, employees have to sign an agreement with the employers to get recruited. Two types of jobs are available, and they are long-term contractual jobs and short-term contractual jobs. Employers can fire an employee when the employee violates the contract rules. Most employers add terms and conditions for employment contract termination in the agreement. So, they can fire employees depending on those terms and conditions.

An employee can seek legal consultancy from us if he feels that termination has not been done according to the contract. Terminating an employee for false reasons is a violation of the contract. Nevertheless, such employers are punishable under the law of the state of California. The terminated employees can demand compensation from the employers through a legal process. For legal guidance, you need a professional and reliable Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer.

Some Examples of Unfair Workplace Practices

Due to the unfair workplace practices, a dispute between the employees and employers arises. The dispute can lead to the termination of the employment contract. Employers may terminate the employees through false indiscipline allegations. Sometimes, employers show false termination reasons to avoid paying any benefits to the employees.

For example, an employee becomes a victim of workplace injury, and thus employer is liable to pay the compensation to the victim. However, an employer may bypass the compensation showing the employee’s fault that led to a workplace accident. The employers also terminate such employees while denying any kind of financial assistance to the employees. In such cases, the terminated employee can seek legal assistance to procure compensation from the employer.

At ABDI and Associates, our skilled lawyers have provided top-class legal assistance to many victims of wrongful employment termination. We have noticed a few common unfair workplace practices through our years of experience in such legal consultation services. If you find any similarity in the following section with your employment termination, you should contact us for legal consultancy.

Violation of the Public Policy by the Employer

Violation of public policy is strictly prohibited under the law of the state of California. If employers violate the public policy for firing an employee, the employer is liable to face punishment. Moreover, the employee can demand suitable financial compensation from the employer in such cases. So, what are the common causes of public policy violations by employers? Find them in the following section.

So, these are some common examples of violations of public policy in job termination. Such termination will be regarded as the termination unlawfully. Thus, employees can take legal action against the employer for violation of public policy. At ABDI and Associates, we provide legal consultancy services to people seeking compensation from employers for unlawful job termination.

Discriminatory Reasons for Termination

California has a strict law against discrimination for race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc. If someone faces these problems at the workplace, the employer should take prompt action. However, employers practice discrimination against the employees in a few instances. If you have received a letter of termination due to discriminatory reasons, you can take legal action against the employer. The employer is liable to pay compensation to such employees. In such cases, the complaint needs to be lodged to the Los Angeles Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). For the legal consultancy, you can contact us anytime. Lawyers at ABDI and Associates offer top-quality legal consultation services.

Steps for Legal Actions against Wrongful Termination

For legal actions against the California wrongful termination, employees need to consult a lawyer. Professional lawyers at ABDI and Associates will help you to take the perfect legal actions against the employer. We provide seamless consultation and negotiate the compensation on behalf of the employees. Find the steps for taking legal actions against wrongful termination in California.

Know the Compensation You Deserve

Are you a victim of wrongful termination? Every victim of wrongful job contract termination can demand compensation from the employer. The compensation depends on the nature of the offense committed by the employer. So, determining the compensation amount is not an easy thing. A professional lawyer can help you in this matter. Consult the Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer at ABDI and Associates to obtain guidance in this regard.

Our lawyers will help you to assess the compensation amount that you deserve. For determining the compensation, you need to consider the following factors.

Experienced and Professional Termination Lawyers in Los Angeles

Are you searching for professional and reliable termination lawyers in Los Angeles? ABDI and Associates is here to meet your demands. We have veteran attorneys who have successfully dealt with many wrongful termination cases. Contact us anytime for an appointment with the professional lawyers at ABDI and Associates.

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