Even the most safe motorcycle rider has probably encountered a situation where their safety was suddenly in jeopardy. All it takes is one car making a sudden lane change or other reckless maneuver to send a motorcyclist to the ground. Aside from car drivers, even the smallest obstacles such as cracks, wet pavement, or construction can cause an accident. Motorcyclists are more difficult to see and drivers are often not watching out for them like they should be. When a collision does occur, there is an increased likelihood of serious injury because motorcyclists lack airbags, safety features, and seat belts that are present in cars.

Despite not being able to control everything on the roadway, there are ways to help keep yourself from harm’s way. Consider these tips below and contact a motorcycle accident attorney if you need compensation for your injuries and property damage in the aftermath of a serious motorcycle crash.

Keep Your Speed Slow

The faster you travel, the less time and space you have to notice and react to changing road conditions or hazards. For example, speeding can make it harder to see a turn coming up, which means you have to enter the corner too quickly. But then if you panic and slam on the brakes, you could fly off your bike. If you attempt to ride through a tight corner, you risk turning too hard and the bike may slide out from underneath you. Ultimately, traveling on the slower side will allow you to respond promptly to any dangers that come your way.

Do Not Ride Between Traffic

As tempting as it may be, do not ride between traffic. You may notice that other riders do this frequently, but it puts you at risk for being hit by a car. This is especially true considering that when traffic does build up, many drivers will suddenly change lanes and cut off other vehicles in order to get ahead. So as you are traveling between lanes on the highway, all it takes is one car driver to not see you and try to change lanes, which can then lead to a devastating collision. Additionally, do not ride close to parked cars, as a driver could open their car door unexpectedly, a driver could pull out in front from a driveway, or a pedestrian could step out into the street.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Ensuring that your motorcycle is in good condition can help reduce the chances of a crash. Perform routine maintenance on turn signals, tires, brakes, headlamps, and the engine. If your bike is not working properly, it could hinder your ability to avoid an accident on the road. But if you find yourself the victim in a motorcycle accident due to an at-fault driver, a good lawyer who specializes in personal injury like those from Cohen & Cohen can come to your aid immediately. To take it one step further, you can also attend motorcycle riding classes, whether you are novice or seasoned, to continue learning and practice refining your skills.

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