Wrongful termination is a significant issue that many individuals endure. You might be thinking about the duration it would take for your case to be decided if you were unlawfully fired from your employment. You may get a general idea of the timing for a wrongful termination lawsuit as you read on.

What Exactly Is Wrongful Dismissal?

When an employer terminates a worker’s position without following the conditions of the contract of employment or certain legal requirements, this is known as wrongful termination. Sometimes also referred to as wrongful discharge or dismissal.

In the US, at-will employment is a common practice, which means that companies are free to terminate an employee for any reason. Therefore, discrimination or reprisal cannot be the reason for a termination. Around 150,000 workers are fired illegally each year. Workers who suspect they were wrongfully terminated may file a wrongful termination lawsuit. 

The Initial Stages

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint process is the initial phase in initiating a wrongful termination claim. Within 180 days right after the termination, this must be accomplished. The EEOC will look at the complaint and perhaps try to mediate a resolution.

Taking Legal Action

The next phase is to bring a lawsuit if the EEOC fails to address the situation. This process might take a variety of periods, dependent on the intricacy of the case and the court’s timetable. A wrongful termination case may take a few months up to several years to reach trial, on average.


After filing the lawsuit, a process referred to as discovery will be conducted between the parties. Each party uses this time to gather facts and evidence to argue for their positions. Depositions, written interrogatories, and inquiries for documents can all be part of the discovery process, which can last for several months.

Trial-Related Motions

Following the conclusion of discovery, the parties may submit pre-trial motions. These are motions that are filed with the intent to request the judge’s decision on certain topics prior to the trial. Motions to dismiss the case or to omit particular pieces of evidence are examples of this.


The case will move on to trial if it is not dropped. The intricacy of the case, the extent of witnesses, and other variables can affect how long the trial lasts. Trials may last a few days or a few weeks.


The two sides carry the right to appeal the outcome of the trial if they feel unhappy with it. The resolution of appeals might take a few months or even years.

Employ A Wrongful Termination From Abdi & Associates Right Away

In a nutshell, it may take a few months to many years to settle a claim of wrongful termination. The period of time taken will vary dependent on a variety of aspects, which involves the intricacy of the case, the court’s timetable, and the results of any motions or appeals filed prior to the trial. It’s crucial to consult a knowledgeable employment attorney who will aid you navigate the procedure if you have been wrongly terminated.

Abdi & Associates’ main objective is to help the affected employee get various forms of compensation. This can include things like compensation for lost income, missed benefits, legal costs, suffering emotionally and psychologically, and beyond. To begin, call us at (888) 772-2529 or fill out our online form. We intend to make every effort to defend you.

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