Construction Accident

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Construction Accident

The real estate industry is quickly growing in Los Angeles, and thus many workers get employed in construction sites these days. While workers get safety accessories for working on a construction site, injuries still happen due to the accidents. In most cases, accidents in construction sites occur due to the failure of equipment.

According to a report revealed by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 100,000 people get injured while working at a construction site in the United States every year. On the other hand, around 1000 death cases due to fatal injury at the construction site have been reported every year. At ABDI and Associates, we offer professional legal consultancy to construction workers who suffer injuries at construction sites.

Our experienced and proficient Los Angeles construction accident lawyer provides legal guidance to the injured construction workers. We can help you to get the right compensation from the employers. At the same time, we challenge insurance companies legally if they deny benefits to a workplace injury victim.

Why Do You Need a Construction Accident Lawyer?

It would help if you had a professional construction injury lawyer when you have succumbed to an injury at the workplace. In the USA, workplace injuries are common, and employers take various measures to prevent such injuries. However, preventative steps cannot, unfortunately, reduce the cases of workplace injury to zero. In construction sites, injuries commonly happen due to falling objects, equipment malfunctioning, lack of awareness, and many other reasons.

Construction workers may succumb to major or minor injuries due to their fault. Sometimes, they get injured due to the fault of other workers. Irrespective of how the accident has occurred, it is essential to render proper medical treatment and care to the injured person. The employer is liable to give compensation to the injured workers for their medical expenses. But, it does not happen smoothly, and thus you need a professional lawyer to resolve the compensation dispute.

What leads to disputes in worker injury claims? Can undocumented construction workers claim compensation from the employer? Find the answers below.

  • Employer Denies Compensation: Compensation denial is the most typical reason for a worker compensation dispute. We have noted in many cases that employers try to escape their responsibilities. If someone is injured in a construction site, the employer is liable to provide compensation to the person. At ABDI and Associates, our professional construction injury attorneys help the workers to get legitimate injury compensation.
  • Compensation Amount Negotiation: In most cases, employers do not run away from responsibilities, as they offer compensation to the injured workers. But, the compensation amount is not justified. If you are not happy with the compensation, you can contact our construction injury attorneys for legal guidance to obtain the deserving compensation. We negotiate with the employer on your behalf.
  • Undocumented Incident: When an accident happens in a construction site, the case must be reported to the manager or supervisor. The cases are not registered when none informs the supervisor about the accident to the supervisor. Sometimes, the supervisor makes a mistake and forgets to enter the incident into his registry. As a result, the employer does not approve a claim for injury compensation.
  • Death of the Worker: Accidents at the construction site can also lead to fatal consequences, and the death of the workers may happen. In such cases, employers are liable to compensate the family of the deceased workers. But, some employers deny such compensation. We help the family of the deceased to obtain the rightful compensation through our legal advice.

Common Reasons for Construction Site Injuries

ABDI and Associates is a veteran legal consultancy company that specializes in resolving disputes in worker compensation claims. Veteran Los Angeles construction accident lawyer at our company has dealt with many worker compensation cases. From our experience, we can conclude that injuries at construction sites happen for a few common reasons. Find some of those reasons in the following section.

  • Equipment Malfunction: Construction workers have to deal with heavy equipment, and the workers undergo safety training for handling the equipment. Due to lack of maintenance, equipment malfunction may happen. As a result, workers handling the equipment suffer a major or minor injury.
  • Falling Objects: When developing high-rise buildings, heavy materials and equipment have been lifted. Due to lack of awareness or negligence, a heavy object may fall from the top of the workers. Such injuries are fatal, as the head injury happens in most such cases. The injured person needs quick hospitalization for emergency treatment.
  • Fall from the Top: Construction workers have to use cables to climb at the top to perform their jobs. Workers may fall from the top due to many reasons such as cable malfunction, lack of awareness, absence of safety equipment, etc. Such injuries are also fatal, and thus the victim should obtain emergency medical care.
  • Caught between Objects: Getting caught between objects is another common reason for construction site injury. The victim may suffer from neck, shoulder, spinal, cord, and other injuries in such cases. The consequence of such injury can be a permanent or temporary disability.
  • Electrocution: According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fatal accidents in construction sites happen due to electrocution. Today, construction workers use various electrical instruments. Inadequate safety measures and short-circuit can lead to electrocution.

All these accidental injuries at construction sites happen due to many reasons. Sometimes, workers make mistakes, as they do not follow the safety guidelines properly. In a few cases, poor working conditions in the workplace lead to accidents. Lastly, an accident may happen even though both workers and employers have done nothing wrong. An injury due to equipment malfunction is an example of a scenario where workers and employers have done nothing wrong.

Irrespective of the accidents, the victims can claim compensation from the employers or building contractors. The compensation amount depends on the nature of the injury and the medical expenses required for the complete treatment of the injury. We help the workers to assess the compensation they deserve. Nevertheless, we take all legal steps to ensure the clients get the deserving compensation from the employer.

Why Is Worker Compensation Important?

An injury at a construction site is fatal for many reasons. Due to a serious injury, one can suffer a permanent or temporary disability. In a few unfortunate scenarios, the victims also die due to the construction site injury. If you are a victim of a workplace accident, you will have to deal with many expenses. Temporary or permanent disability may turn you jobless. Thus, victims have to undergo financial conditions.

For dealing with such expenses, you need a professional and reliable Los Angeles construction accident lawyer. We are a leading legal consultancy agency in Los Angeles for efficient guidance on resolving compensation claim disputes between workers and employers. Find some reasons why workplace accident victims deserve fair financial compensation.

  • Medical Expenses: Workplace injury victims have to deal with two types of medical expenses. Firstly, they have to pay for their initial medical expenses, and Secondly, there will be medical expenses until complete recovery after the initial treatment.
  • Job Loss: Workplace injury can result in job loss for construction workers, who lose jobs due to permanent or temporary disabilities. Managing regular expenses, along with hefty medical expenses, will be difficult for a jobless person.
  • Permanent Injury: In construction sites, many dreadful injuries take place. For example, a permanent injury may happen to a person and lose an external or internal organ. Thus, financial compensation is essential for such persons.
  • Death: The most unfortunate thing is the death of a worker due to a workplace accident. If a person dies, the family loses an earning member. For the livelihood of the family, financial assistance and compensation are essential.

How Can We Help You?

ABDI and Associates is a leading legal consultancy service in Los Angeles, and we specialize in rendering legal advice to the victims of accidents at construction sites. Our professional Los Angeles construction accident lawyer will help you to obtain the deserving compensation from the employer. Find some reasons to consider our legal consultancy service for a construction workplace injury.

  • Compensation Assessment: Many surveys have noted that construction workers do not become aware of their legal rights. Despite succumbing to major injuries, they fail to claim the deserving compensation from the employers. On the other hand, employers always try to settle the matter with a small compensation amount. Our professional workplace injury lawyers will help you to assess your compensation claim. Understand your rights and claim a fair compensation amount from the employer.
  • Guidance for Legal Steps: People make mistakes with their documents due to a lack of knowledge in legal procedures and matters. For example, reporting a workplace injury to the sitting supervisor is essential, and many workers do not perform this. Thus, they get into a compensation dispute. Moreover, the person should collect all the medical reports to claim the compensation.
  • Dealing with Witnesses: Having witnesses of the accidents is important, as you never know that the employer may turn down a compensation claim. A professional lawyer talks to the witnesses on behalf of you and records their statements. Collecting evidence is the most important thing to settle a dispute through a legal procedure. Our lawyers have years of experience dealing with such legal disputes.
  • Insurance Claim Settlement: If you are struggling with insurance claim settlement, our lawyers can help you too. Professional workplace injury attorneys at ABDI and Associates will provide legal assistance in settling insurance claim disputes. The insurance companies always try to negotiate the claim using various clauses, and proper legal advice will help you settle the insurance claim dispute quickly.

Why Hire Lawyers at ABDI and Associates?

Construction injury claim settlement can be a complex process, and thus you need a professional lawyer to proceed to the claim settlement in a legitimate process. At ABDI and Associates, we have professional lawyers specializing in dealing with workplace injury cases at construction sites. Our legal consultancy service assures prompt claim settlement. At the same time, we make sure that our clients obtain the most deserving compensation from the employer.

  • With years of experience rendering legal consultation for workplace injury compensation to construction workers.
  • The proven expertise in dealing construction injury compensation cases. We help you to obtain the deserving compensation.
  • The presence of many proficient lawyers is another noteworthy thing about our business. Find a dedicated lawyer who deals with your case only.
  • We assure quick claim settlement. We assist clients in negotiating with employers for out-of-the-court settlements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you seeking professional legal consultancy for settling your workplace injury compensation claim? You may have many questions in mind. Find some of those questions below. You can reach us anytime for further guidance on workplace compensation consultation.

1. What are the common construction site injuries?

At the construction sites, workers become victims of different types of accidents. Depending on the type of accident, a person succumbs to a kind of injury. At construction sites, head and neck injuries are common. Apart from those, injury to hands and legs can also happen due to equipment malfunction.

2. When do employers deny construction injury compensation?

If the employee or worker has not reported injury to the supervisor, the employer denies compensation. However, this is not the only reason for denying workplace injury compensation to the construction workers. Deputies may occur with the compensation amount negotiation, and thus employers deny the benefits.

3. When should you hire a construction injury lawyer?

Ideally, you should hire a professional construction injury attorney when you suffer from a workplace injury. The lawyer helps you to assess the deserving compensation amount. If the employer denies paying the amount, lawyers will take legal steps to challenge the employer.

4. Why should you hire ABDI and Associates for construction site injury claim settlement?

ABDI and Associates have a group of specialized construction injury attorneys. We are poised with years of experience in this field too, and our proven success rate as a legal consultancy firm reflects our commitment and expertise. So, choose us to settle your construction site injury claim swiftly and seamlessly.

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