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Workplace Injury Compensation Lawyer in Los Angeles

Workplace accident cases are not rare, though most commercial plants take various measures to prevent such cases. Workers undergo strict training to learn about safe working approaches. Despite all such things, accidents occur, and those mishaps lead to fatal consequences at times. A workplace injury can cause lifelong disability and death. Severe injuries take a long time for healing, and the person who succumbed to the injury needs to undergo an extensive medical treatment process.

Hospitalization, treatment, operations, and recovery are time-consuming things. Nevertheless, the process also includes many expenses. Workers injured at the workplace expect financial assistance from the companies. However, business owners and managers may deny such financial assistance. In many cases, poor working conditions in a plant leads to physical injuries. Company owners are liable to make financial compensation to the injured workers.

At ABDI & Associates, we offer legal consultancy services to the victims of workplace injuries. If you have serious injuries at your workplace, the employer is liable to provide financial assistance. When the employer denies compensation to the injured workers, our workplace injury attorney Los Angeles provides legal consultation to the victims. Our legal consultancy will help you to obtain the compensation you deserve from the employer.

Work Injury Cases in California

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, California had recorded more than 466,500 workplace injury cases in 2018. In more than 59% of cases, workers had to undergo prolonged medical treatment for recovery. As a result, many workers lose their jobs after workplace accidents. In such cases, it becomes difficult for the workers to manage their medical expenses unless the employers give them a sizable compensation.

The California Workers' Compensation Law protects the right of employees in work-related ailments. ABDI & Associates has skilled and experienced lawyers who can ensure that you get the optimum compensation from the employer after succumbing to a workplace injury. Studies also suggest that workers do not obtain the right compensation in most cases, as they are not aware of their legal rights. For this reason, you need a professional and reliable workplace injury attorney in Los Angeles.

Why Do You Need Workplace Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles?

If you meet with an accident at your workplace, the employer is liable to pay compensation. In most cases, the employers bear all the medical expenses of the injured worker. If a worker dies due to a workplace accident, the employer should provide financial assistance to the family of the deceased person. Unfortunately, employers deny compensation to the injured workers in a few cases. If you deserve better compensation, contact ABDI & Associates to find a professional workplace Injury lawyer Los Angeles.

Sometimes, employers deny the employees' compensation claims suffering from minor or major injuries after workplace accidents. We can also help you legally to claim your compensation from the employer in such cases. Our lawyers have years of experience dealing with critical workplace injury compensation cases. We hold an excellent record of providing the best services to our clients. Find more reasons to choose our skilled and professional workplace injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

  • Collecting Your Medical Reports: A workplace injury lawyer at ABDI & Associates collects the medical reports, which will be essential for determining the compensation you deserve. Depending on the severity of the injury, a person can demand compensation from the employer. Moreover, medical reports will be essential documents during the claim settlement process in court.
  • Negotiation with the Employers: Sometimes, employers want to provide compensation to the injured workers. However, the amount they offer is too low to meet your medical expenses. For negotiating with employers, hiring a professional lawyer is essential. The lawyer will talk to the employers on your behalf and convince him of a bigger compensation amount. If the attempt fails, the lawyer will proceed to take legal action.
  • Omit the Common Mistakes: According to the studies, many workers make common mistakes after succumbing to a workplace injury. For example, they do not let the supervisor know about the injury. They do not keep the initial medical reports and prescriptions of the doctors. All such things are essential for a quicker claim settlement. Our personal injury lawyers will help you avoid such mistakes that can lead to delayed claim settlement and low compensation from the employer.
  • Take the Legal Steps with Confidence: People are unaware of the various nitty-gritty of filing a lawsuit. As a result, they have low confidence in dealing with legal issues. However, your confidence will rise when a professional lawyer assists you. We follow the necessary steps on your behalf to file a lawsuit against the employer.

Know Your Workplace Injury Compensation Amount

How much compensation can you get from the employer after becoming a victim of a workplace accident? The compensation amount depends on many factors. The severity of your injury is a major factor. Nevertheless, work conditions or safety conditions at the workplace will also come under consideration.

Many workers do not know the amount of compensation they should obtain from the employer. As a result, they settle for a small compensation offered by the employer. The employer should pay all the expenses for your medical treatment. At the same time, the business owner is liable to pay the amount associated with your workplace injury recovery after the initial treatment.

At ABDI & Associates, a professional workplace injury lawyer Los Angeles will help you decide the compensation amount you deserve. Getting the right compensation amount will reduce your suffering during the treatment and recovery process. Many people cannot return to the workplace for a long time after the injury, while some cannot return to work as they become permanently disabled. The accident's impact on your body and life should consider deciding the compensation for a workplace injury.

The Right Time to Hire an Accident Injury Lawyer

People commonly visit a Los Angeles workplace injury attorney's office when they fail to obtain a deserving compensation from the employer. You are already late when you approach a lawyer after many rounds of negotiations with the business owner. Wasting time in such cases can result in losing an opportunity to obtain a bigger claim from the employer.

We recommend you to contact us right after you meet an accident in your workplace. When the injury is severe, the victim's family member should contact us for legal consultancy service. Reaching us at the earliest stage will help you to obtain a well-deserving compensation. Instead of negotiating with your employer, you should leave the job for us to handle. We have skilled lawyers who can negotiate with the companies for worker injury claim settlement.

If the companies do not show interest in negotiations, we proceed to file a lawsuit. Contacting us at the early stage will make the process swifter. Thus, you will get your compensation quickly, and a swifter compensation will ensure comfort in dealing with medical expenses during treatment and recovery from the injury. Have you had a workplace accident? Call us now to get a deserving compensation from the employer.

The Commonest Workplace Injury Cases in Los Angeles

California is the hub of many industries, and thus people are employed in different manufacturing plants. The chance of workplace injuries is high in such industrial plants. Some common reasons behind workplace injury in industrial areas are lack of safety equipment, poor workplace conditions, absence of safety training for the employees, lack of heavy equipment maintenance, and many more.

In most cases, employers are found responsible for workplace accidents. Thus, they are liable to pay compensation to the workers who suffered severe injuries in an accident. Find some of the common types of workplace accidents in the following section.

  • The injury happened due to heavy falling objects. Such accidents mostly happen on construction sites.
  • Body parts caught in heavy machines. In manufacturing plants, such injuries happen to the workers.
  • Accidents while dealing with sharp objects
  • Fire hazard and an explosion of heavy machinery.
  • Injury due to the electric shock.
  • Sudden exposure to toxic gas.
  • Violent crime at the workplace.

Victims of all such accidents suffer from major injuries such as brain damage, spinal cord injury, excessive bleeding, and many more. In a few rare cases, victims escape severe injuries. Sometimes, the death of the victims also happens. While some victims die on the spot, others breathe their last after hospitalization. In case of the death of a worker due to an accident injury, the employee's family is eligible to claim compensation.

A professional Los Angeles workplace injury attorney can help you assess the amount of injury claims and fight legal battles to get the deserving compensation from the employer. Contact us to settle your workplace injury claim with the business owner. We are a group of veteran lawyers with a specialization in workplace injury claim settlement.

How Much Time You Have for Filing a Case for Workplace Injury Compensation Claim?

According to California's present workplace injury law, a person can file a lawsuit within a year after becoming a victim of a workplace accident. If the person cannot file a case due to physical disability, a lawyer can proceed with the legal steps. Though you have a time of a year, we recommend you to contact us at the earliest. We follow a standard process for settling the claims of the victims of workplace accidents.

At the first stage, we negotiate with the employer to settle the claim. If an employer is not ready to negotiate, we proceed with the lawsuit filing process against the company. A systematic approach will make the process seamless. At the same time, the case will get a quicker hearing from the judge when all documents and evidence are ready.

Steps for Filing Workplace Injury Claim

If you sustain an injury at your workplace due to an accident, you should first report the injury to your factory supervision. The supervisor will report the case to the business owners. Depending on the nature of the injury, the business owners will offer you compensation and allowance for your medical treatment. In some cases, business owners deny paying anything to the employees. If you feel the compensation is not sufficient, you should find a Los Angeles workplace injury lawyer. The lawyer will help you to get deserving compensation for your injury due to a workplace accident. A professional lawyer helps you to follow the steps discussed in the following section.

  • Report to the Employer: You must report your injury to the employer for your compensation claim settlement. Reporting the employer at the earliest is the most crucial thing. In many cases, co-workers report the case to the employers.
  • Medical Reports: The next step is collecting your medical reports for cost estimation for the treatment and recovery process. You should keep the prescriptions and notes provided by the doctor for the treatment.
  • Negotiate the Claim: You should negotiate the compensation amount if you feel that the employer does not give a sufficient amount. In this step, you need the help of our professional lawyers
  • Find the Right Documents: When negotiation fails, you need to prepare to file a lawsuit against the employer. You need to fill up the DWC-1 form. Additionally, you need to deal with many other documentation works. Our lawyer will help you in this process.
  • Wait for the Benefits: The lawyer will fight for your right in court. After hearing the lawyers from both sides, judges will give their verdicts. If you have followed the above steps correctly, the verdict will go your way.

ABDI & Associates is a leading legal consultant for worker compensation claims and medical benefits settlement. Hiring a Los Angeles workplace injury lawyer will help you to settle the compensation claims quickly. Moreover, we ensure that our clients get the deserving compensation amounts from the employers.

With years of experience, lawyers at ABDI & Associates provide legal consultancy services as per your requirements. As a legal consultancy agency, we have a wonderful record of serving clients with precision. Call us and fix an appointment with an experienced workplace injury compensation lawyer.

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