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On the Job Injury Lawyer

Security at the workplace is an essential thing, and every employer should focus on making all the necessary arrangements to make the workplace secure for the employees. Apart from the infrastructural support, employers should arrange the necessary safety training programs for the employees. Sadly, some businesses fail to provide the much-needed safety standards at the workplace. As a result, workplace accidents take place.

ABDI & Associates provides legal assistance to those who have become victims of workplace mishaps. Our experienced lawyers have a high success rate in fetching the right compensation for workplace injury victims. If you have a dispute with the employer regarding workplace injury compensation, our lawyers can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

The consequences of workplace accidents are fatal in most cases. Thus, employers must pay for the medical expenses of the victims of a workplace accident. In most cases, two things happen in such scenarios. First of all, employers pay compensation, but the amount is not satisfactory. Secondly, employers deny any compensation to the employees. To settle such disputes with the employers, workers need professional on the job injury attorneys Los Angeles.

Workplace Injury Cases: A Common Concern

According to a study conducted in 2013, more than 3500 workplace deaths happened in that year. In the same year, around 4.8 million workplace injury cases were reported. The scenario has not changed much since 2013. Many workplace mishaps occur, and some of the cases lead to fatal injuries.

Workplace injuries are common in many sectors, though studies reveal that workers in some industries are more vulnerable to workplace injuries. These industries are construction, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, leisure and hospitality, transportation and warehouse management, etc.

California has a strong law to protect the rights of the workers who become victims of workplace accidents. Despite a strong law, many workers do not get the right compensation after succumbing to the injuries. They do not know their legal rights, and they also fear indulging in a legal process. Hiring on the job injury lawyer Los Angeles is crucial to get the right compensation from the employer. At ABDI & Associates, we provide legal consultation to fight for your right to obtain the deserving workplace injury compensation.

Steps to Follow after Workplace Accident Injury

Professional and experienced Los Angeles on the job injury attorney at ABDI & Associates recommends the following steps to those who become victims of workplace accidents. Following the steps in a systematic order will help you to omit legal complications in the future if an employer denies the benefits.

  • Emergency Medical Treatment: The first thing is getting the emergency medical treatment to prevent injury from becoming critical. Reaching the hospital or health clinics at an early stage will protect you from severe health concerns. Nevertheless, early treatment will help the injury heal faster, and you can return to work quickly.
  • Report to the Employer: When an accidental injury at the workplace happens, employees should report the case to the employer. If the incident does not get added to the logbook of the employer, fighting for compensation through a legal process will be difficult. If a victim cannot report the case due to health reasons, the colleagues should report it to the senior manager or business owner.
  • Collect and Preserve Your Medical Reports: The victims should keep all the medical reports, and missing reports will lead to legal complications in claiming workplace injury compensation. Moreover, you need to preserve the medical reports to get the health insurance benefits.
  • Contact a Lawyer: We recommend you to contact lawyers at ABDI & Associates at the early stage. Even though you do not have a dispute with the employer, you need to find a lawyer to understand your legal rights. Is the compensation offered to you sufficient? A Los Angeles on the job injury lawyer can help you to get the right answer.
  • Dealing with the pieces of evidence: Is there any witness to the accident? In workplaces, your colleagues are the witnesses. Thus, finding the witnesses should not be a difficult job. When the employer denies compensation, he tries to influence the co-workers to deny the truth. So, contacting the witnesses at the early stage is essential. Lawyers keep video and audio records of the statements of the witnesses.

Why Do You Need Workplace Injury Compensation Lawyers?

A workplace compensation lawyer can help you in many ways. At ABDI & Associates, we recommend you contact us without wasting any time if you have become a workplace accident victim. Every worker is eligible to claim compensation irrespective of suffering from minor and major injuries, and our workplace injury lawyers can help you in the following ways.

1. Negotiate the Compensation Amount

In most cases, employers agree to pay compensation to the victims of workplace mishaps. Employers want to avoid legal hassles to protect their brand reputation. Nevertheless, good employers do not escape their ethical responsibilities. But, disputes happen between employers and workplace injury victims when employers deny the amount claimed by the victims.

Our workplace injury lawyers negotiate with the employers on your behalf. We show documents, evidence, and legal provisions to the employers at the time of negotiation. When employers realize that they are legally liable to pay the compensation, they return to the negotiation track leaving behind an adamant attitude.

2. Realize the Deserving Compensation amount

Many workers do not realize the compensation amount they deserve, and as a result, they become happy with the compensation offered by the employers. If you get a small compensation, treatment and injury recovery will be a difficult process for you. For medical treatments, people have to make high expenses these days. Thus, getting the right compensation is crucial for smooth healing through proper medical treatment.

3. Settle Your Insurance Claims

Apart from claim settlement with the employers, many victims of workplace accidents also face problems in claim settlement with the insurance companies. Insurance companies always try to reduce the compensation for their profit. If an insurance company denies your claim, our lawyers can help you fight the matter legally to fetch you the deserving compensation.

4. Legal Process Is Complicated

It would help if you had our on the job injury attorney Los Angeles, as the legal process is complicated. You will come across various complications when dealing with the legal process. Our lawyers will represent you in court, and we will file the lawsuit against the employer on your behalf. We aim to fetch the deserving compensation that aids in your medical treatment and recovery process.

5. Out of the Court Settlement

Sometimes, the legal process gets too lengthy. Thus, both employers and employees want to get out of the legal process. When both parties wish to discontinue the legal dispute, lawyers have a crucial role to play. At ABDI & Associates, we provide lawyers who are exceptional negotiators. For out of court settlements, negotiating the claim amount is essential. Poor negotiation skills will lead to the procurement of a small compensation amount.

Why Do Employers Deny Worker Injury Compensation?

Meeting an accident at the workplace is unfortunate, though such incidents are not rare. Since such cases happen frequently, California and other states have legal provisions to assist victims in obtaining deserving compensations from their employers. After primary medical treatments, you need to gather all reports and submit them to the employer. After going through your report, employers offer you a compensation amount.

An outright rejection of the compensation claim does not happen in most cases. However, there are a few rare occasions when such things may happen. Employers may reject your compensation claim if you have not reported your injury after an accident to the supervision or senior manager. Does it mean you are not eligible to get the compensation? Lawyers at ABDI & Associates suggest you report the accident injury to the senior manager to avoid complications in the future.

However, under a certain scenario, the victim cannot report the injury. For example, a fatal injury makes a person unconscious, and thus the person cannot report his injury to the manager immediately after the injury. Co-workers play a major role here, and they report the case on your behalf in most cases. However, reporting the injury is not essential to claim the compensation. You are still legally eligible to make a compensation claim.

We recommend you contact us on the job injury lawyer Los Angeles to get the legal suggestions to file your compensation claim. We prepare all your documents to make a claim legitimate. Find some other reasons why employers deny the workplace injury compensation claims of the workers.

1. Injury Did Not Occur at the workplace

Did the accident occur at the workplace? If not, your employer can deny the compensation claim. While going to the office, you may have become the victim of a road accident. In such cases, employers can deny the compensation claim. But, what happens when you get injured on a business trip? In such cases, employers are liable to give you compensation. But, the amount needs to be settled through analyzing the reasons for the accident and other factors.

2. Working under the Influence of Alcohol

Working under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a reason for workplace accidents in a few cases. You cannot deny such alcohol or drug influence, as medical tests can easily diagnose such things. If an employee is found working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the employer may deny any compensation to the person. However, employers try to avoid compensation by making such fake allegations. Lawyers at ABDI & Associates will help you to prove the fake allegations wrong at the court. We help you to get the deserving compensation through a legal process when employers deny the benefits.

3. No Medical Treatments

In a few cases, employees receive minor injuries. Thus, they do not need significant medical treatment. If you never received medical treatments, you are not eligible to claim compensation from the employer. However, such incidents are rare in workplace accidental cases. In most cases, the victim receives medical treatment. Employers may deny compensation if you fail to provide documents of your medical treatments.

4. Lodge the Claim at the Earliest

If you take a long time to file your workplace injury compensation claim, the employers will reject such claims. In other cases, employers may ask you to settle for a small compensation amount. Late submission of the claim will also get questioned by the judges at the court. At ABDI & Associates, we help the clients to file a compensation claim at the earliest.

5. You Do Not Have a Lawyer

Employers may deny workplace injury compensation when you do not have a lawyer. Since people are not aware of various legal provisions, employers take the opportunity to deny the claim of the injured employees. Hiring a professional Los Angeles on the job injury attorney will increase the chance of claim settlement at the early stage. Employers will not take a risk to create a dispute, as you have a lawyer. Dragging the matter to the court will lead to reputation damage for the employer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Workplace injuries happen due to many reasons. Sometimes, it happens due to the worker’s fault. Even though injury has happened due to your mistake, you can still ask for compensation from the employer. If you were working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are not eligible for making such claims.

If your injury occurred during a business trip, your employer is liable to provide compensation. However, the compensation amount depends on many factors in such cases. Moreover, you need to have evidence and witnesses to settle such claims.

If you have succumbed to a workplace injury, you need to hire a professional Los Angeles job injury lawyer. At ABDI & Associates, you can find a professional workplace injury lawyer. We recommend hiring a lawyer at the early stage to avoid any dispute in workplace claim settlement.

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