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Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles

Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles

A dispute between employers and employees is always unwanted, though such cases are not rare. Today, many kinds of employment contracts are noted, and employment law intends to protect the rights of both employers and employees. When you feel that your employer has breached a certain policy or condition of the employment contract, you can raise a dispute. If the employer does not show intent to resolve the dispute quickly, you need to take legal action with the advice from the professional employment law attorney Los Angeles.

At ABDI and Associates, we offer professional legal consultation for the victims of employment law violations. If you have a legal dispute with your employer, contact us for professional legal consultation. We have veteran lawyers who have dealt with many complicated employment law disputes, and thus they can assure professional service. If you feel that you have been discriminated against at your workplace, we will help you obtain the much-needed compensation for your humiliation.

Different Types of Employment Law Claims

People seek a professional and reliable Los Angeles employment lawyer for many reasons. At a workplace, a dispute between employers and employees can happen due to many reasons. Sometimes, such disputes need to be resolved through legal interference. For example, you may have succumbed to an injury at your workplace. In most cases, the employer will take responsibility for your medical expenses. If the employer denies any compensation, the employee has to seek legal consultation from a lawyer.

Since employment law is a complicated matter, you need an experienced and specialized lawyer. A person with years of experience can help you to obtain the best compensation from the employer. At ABDI and Associates, we have observed many types of employment law disputes. People seek out help to resolve those disputes through legal steps. Sometimes, we also help the clients settle the dispute out of the court, saving time and money for both employees and employers. In the following section, find the types of employment law claims.

1. Wrongful Termination

In California, employers can legally terminate any employment contract at will. However, there are some exceptions. Termination at the employer's will is not allowed when a contract for a specific term is there. For example, you have signed a contractual job with an employer. The employer cannot cancel the contract anytime at will, as it will violate the contract agreement. If the employer can show a proper reason for the termination, it will not be wrongful. For example, an employer can show that your performance and service were not up to the mark.

As an employee, you may feel that you have become a victim of wrongful termination. In such cases, you can take legal actions against an employer to cancel the job contract and malign your professional image. Consult a professional lawyer at ABDI and Associates to find a solution for wrongful termination. We listen to the cases and try to assess the situation. Depending on our assessment, we provide legal advice to the clients. From estimating your compensation to representing you at the court, we deal with all the necessary steps to assure a seamless legal consultancy service.

2. Discrimination

The labor law of California is strict against stopping any kind of discrimination at the workplace. From racism to religious discrimination, the law protects the rights of every individual to promote harmony and humanism at the workplace. If you feel that the employer has ditched the employment term due to discrimination, you can take legal steps against the employer anytime.

Sometimes, employees face gender or race discrimination at the workplaces from the senior managers. Despite reporting such discrimination, an employer may not take adequate action. In such cases, you are legally eligible to file a lawsuit against the person who has shown discriminatory behavior. Along with that, you can also file a lawsuit against the employer for not take the appropriate measures to prevent such discrimination.

A professional and reliable Los Angeles employment law attorney can deal with such legal disputes. Our lawyers are experienced in handling employment law disputes that are connected to discriminatory acts. We help the clients to calculate the compensation they deserve. At the same time, we take all the legal actions on their behalf to make the legal process smoother.

3. Sexual Harassment

California has strict laws to prevent cases of sexual harassment at the workplace. Sexual harassment at the workplace is a rising concern for every state or country. Through strict law, such cases can be reduced. However, employers also have the responsibility to take prompt action against such cases. If someone in a company or organization faces sexual harassment from another employee, the employer should take strict action against the accused.

If you have become a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, you should take legal action to punish the culprit. If you accuse the employer's indulgence in the sexual harassment act, you are eligible to demand compensation from your employer. For your mental trauma due to sexual harassment at the workplace, you must demand compensation. At the same time, the law of California also has strict punishments against the accused if they have been proven guilty through the legal trial.

4. Contract Misconduct

In a few cases, employees become the victims of contract misconduct. In other words, the employer violates the employment contract. Now, violation of the contract may happen in many ways. For example, you may not receive the salary as promised in the contract. Sometimes, employers do not give the leaves as promised in the contract. Similarly, many such contract misconducts have been noted. In such cases, you need to find a professional lawyer to take legal action against the employer.

Professional lawyers at ABDI and Associates will listen to your problem carefully. After listening to your concerns, we check the contract to assess the magnitude of violation of the terms and conditions. If there is serious misconduct, we take appropriate legal actions against the employers to fetch compensation. Contract misconduct is a serious allegation, and thus you need the assistance of a professional lawyer to deal with such cases.

5. Whistleblower Retaliation

Reporting unlawful activities at the workplace is the most important duty of every employee. If you notice an unlawful activity at your workplace, you should report it to the employer first. If the employer does not take swift and appropriate actions, you can report it to the local law and order enforcement department. The California employment law ensures that you do not get a punishment from the employer for being a whistleblower.

Reporting an unlawful activity at the workplace can damage the employers' reputation. However, the employer cannot fire an employee for this reason. If you think you have been fired from the workplace for blowing the whistle against unlawful activities, you should take legal steps against the employer. For such humiliation at the workplace, the employer must apologize and pay compensation for your reputation and financial damage.

How Much Compensation Do You Deserve?

In the cases of violation of the employment law, compensation calculation is the most important thing. How much compensation can you claim from the employer? Getting the answer is crucial for a victim of employment misconduct. The compensation has been calculated based on many factors. A professional lawyer can help you to calculate the compensation with precision.

We recommend you to contact employment lawyers Los Angeles at ABDI and Associates. Our lawyers will help you to estimate the compensation you deserve. For estimation of the compensation, we will consider the following factors.

  • Loss of Job: Due to the employer's misconduct, you may lose your steady monthly income. As a result, your family will go through a tough financial crunch. Suppose an employer has violated the employment law of California to fire you from the job. In that case, you can take legal action demanding compensation for the financial hassles due to the sudden job loss.
  • Loss of the Benefits: If the employer terminates your contract wrongfully, you will also stop obtaining the benefits of the job. For example, the employer may have used to provide a medical benefit. You will not receive the benefit after termination. As a result, you have to pay your medical expenses. A victim of wrongful termination should demand the loss of the benefits as compensation.
  • Reputation Damage: Wrongful termination damages the reputation of a person. A damaged professional reputation can lead to a big problem. You will find difficulty in getting employment in other places. One should also include reputation damage due to wrongful termination in the process of calculating the compensation.
  • Metal and Emotional Distress: Mental and emotional distress is also a big factor in wrongful termination. In cases of the victim of sexual harassment or dissemination at the workplace, the mental and emotional distress is high. Thus, the compensation amount should be bigger in such cases.
  • Cost of the Legal Conducts: The legal actions you take also involve many expenses. Moreover, you have to pay the fee of the lawyer too. So, all these expenses must get included in the process of compensation calculation. For an accurate calculation of the compensation, you should seek help from professional and reliable lawyers.

At ABDI and Associates, we offer all types of legal assistance and consultation to the victims of workplace misconduct and wrongful termination. Take legal actions against the employers, taking our crucial and powerful suggestions. Our professional employment attorneys are poised with many years of experience and knowledge.

Investigating Your Claims and Gathering the Proofs

For an employment lawyer, investigation of the claim is an important thing. When you file a lawsuit against the employer for wrongful termination, you should gather all the necessary pieces of evidence. Lack of evidence will help the employer to escape the punishment. Nevertheless, you will not get any compensation at all. Along with the time, you will waste money in the legal process. Eventually, it will become a reason for mental trauma and despair in your life.

A professional lawyer at ABDI and Associates takes various measures to gather the pieces of evidence to prove employment misconduct or wrongful termination. Find the services offered by our lawyers in this regard.

  • Witnesses: The first step is recording the statements of the witnesses. The lawyers will talk to the coworkers on your behalf and record their statements. All these statements will act as an important document for proving wrongful termination.
  • Documents: Gathering all the documents in one place is essential to take the appropriate steps. We collect all your documents related to the employer to assess the possible violation of the employment contract.
  • Proof of Harassment at Workplace: The lawyer collects all the evidence to prove the harassment of a person at the workplace. Sexual and mental harassment at the workplace is a punishable offense. The employer will have to pay high compensation if found guilty.
  • Proof of Racial Discrimination: Gathering the proof of racial discrimination at the workplace is also crucial. Our lawyers will collect all the pieces of evidence on your behalf to prove the employer's guilt.

We Protect Your Rights

Not only protecting your rights, but the professional labor and employment attorneys in Los Angeles also help a person to understand their rights as an employee in California. If you have become a victim of a discriminatory act or unlawful termination at the workplace, you should contact us without wasting time. Discuss the matter with us to understand your legal rights.

Are you eligible to claim financial compensation from the employer due to the unlawful termination? How much compensation should you demand? Find answers to all these questions when you consult our professional and reliable lawyer. We help you to protect your rights as per the labor and employment law of the state of California.

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