Back & Neck Injury

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Back & Neck Injury

Accidents can happen anytime for many reasons, and the commonest consequence of an accident is succumbing to a few physical injuries. Sometimes, people get severely injured, and in some cases, the victims escape with a minor injury. In most cases, accident victims succumb to back and neck injuries.

Victims of neck and back injuries need to undergo long-term medical treatment. Thus, they have to pay hefty medical bills. If sufferers think that they have become accident victims for an authority or individual’s fault, they can demand compensation from the guilty party involved in the accident. For the guilty party, denying compensation is a natural thing. Thus, the matter needs to be resolved through a legal process.

For obtaining back and neck injury compensation, you need the guidance of a professional Los Angeles neck injury attorney. At ABDI and Associates, we offer legal consultancy services to the victims of back and neck injuries due to accidents. One can be a victim of many kinds of accidents. You can consult us to obtain legitimate compensation from the guilty party from a car to a workplace accident.

What Is Neck Injury?

The human neck consists of spongy discs that you can find between each bone of the cervical spine. When you meet an accident, the spongy discs get dislocated in most cases. If the accident is more severe, one can acquire hairline cracks on the cervical bones. In car accidents, people mostly get neck and back injuries. The spinal cord is the most delicate part of our body, and thus, it is vulnerable to significant damage due to an automobile accident.

Apart from automobile accidents, neck and back injury is common for the victims of workplace accidents. In construction works, people get injured due to heavy falling objects. Sometimes, workers fall and hurt their necks and back. Victims of such accidents may suffer from a permanent or temporary disability. Commonly, the victims of such injuries have to undergo long-term medical treatment.

Different Types of Neck and Back Injuries

If you want compensation for accidental injuries, you should know the injury types to determine the compensation amount. A professional Los Angeles neck injury attorney can help you in this regard. However, the victim or his family members should know the types of injuries before claiming compensation.

  • Whiplash: Whiplash is a common neck and back injury after an accident. Due to such an injury, the alignment of muscle and ligament gets disturbed. A huge thrust or force can cause such damage to a human body. Thus, victims of workplace and auto accidents suffer from this injury. If the victim does not receive proper treatment, he may undergo temporary disability and chronic pain.
  • Neck Strain: In car or workplace accidents, the neck faces a brutal force or thrust. As a result, blood circulation in the neck region becomes irregular. Therefore, people have problems in moving or rotating their necks. Neck strain can last for a long time, depending on the type of injury. If the injury is severe, neck strain can remain for at least one to two months.
  • Neck Sprain: The neck sprain is similar to the neck strain, though there are some differences. The victim of a neck sprain will have a similar condition as a victim of the neck strain. Due to brutal force, tissues get damaged, and therefore, a neck sprain lasts for a long time. Through a long medical treatment, victims become fully recovered from such injury.
  • Herniated Disc: The annulus of the spinal cord may get injured, and it results in a release of a jelly-like substance. The substance puts pressure on the spinal cord, and thus people feel chronic pain. Though the injury seems minor, it takes a long medical treatment process to cure such a health condition. Victims of mild automobile accidents may face such health issues.
  • Pinched Nerve: As the name of the physical condition suggests, the nerve gets pinched due to an accident. Therefore, it leads to numbness in that area. Such injury can cause permanent or temporary disability. If the victim does not get the right medical attention, he may suffer a permanent disability due to this injury.
  • Fractures: Fractures are common among workplace or automobile accident victims due to thrust or force. The neck and backbones are delicate, and thus fractures can happen easily. The problem is such fractures take a long time for healing. One cannot repair spinal cord fractures through plasters, and thus doctors have to adopt other healing methods. So, the treatment is expensive.
  • Facet Joint Injury: The facet joint is located behind the spinal columns and discs. The body’s irregular motion gets prevented by the facet joint. But, thrust or force causes irregular body movement, and facet joints cannot withstand such force. Therefore, it results in severe facet joint injury.

So, these are some common examples of neck and back injuries. If you have injured at the workplace, consult a professional and reliable back & neck injury lawyer. The lawyers will help you to get deserving compensation from the employer. The victims of car accidents also need a professional neck injury attorney when an accident happens due to a person’s fault. Since the guilty party tends to deny compensation in most cases, the matter goes into court.

A professional lawyer is essential to resolve a legal dispute. Without the help of a lawyer, you may end up getting a low compensation, which will be inadequate to meet the financial requirements for medical treatments for your complete recovery.

Accidents That Cause Neck and Back Injury

At ABDI and Associates, our professional back & neck injury lawyer has dealt with many accidental injury compensation cases. We provide complete guidance to our clients to obtain the most deserving compensation amount to help them meet the injury treatment's financial requirements.

So, what types of accidents cause neck and back injuries? We have found a few typical cases where such injuries happen as a legal consultancy service for neck and back injury victims through our years of practice. Those common mishaps are discussed in the following section.

  • Bicycle Accident: A bicycle accident can be a reason for neck and back injury. Due to poor road conditions, such accidents happen. In some cases, cars enter into bicycle lanes and cause deadly mishaps. Survivors of such accidents suffer from severe back and neck injuries.
  • Car Accident: Driving a car is an exciting experience; it brings a few risks to your life. If you are not careful while driving, you may face an accident. Sometimes, people become accident victims due to others’ faults. Car accidents commonly cause critical neck and back injuries.
  • Medical Malpractice: Medical malpractice is also a common reason behind back and neck injury. For back or neck injury treatment, people undergo surgeries. The mistakes of the doctors or medical teams can make the injury further critical. Victims and their families can demand compensation for such medical malpractice.
  • Defective Equipment: Purchasing defective equipment can lead to fatal consequences. For example, a defective land mower can result in lethal accidents. Back and neck injury is common for the users of such defective equipment. The victim can demand compensation from the manufacturer of such defective products.
  • Truck Accident: In Los Angeles, truck accidents happen commonly. In many cases, drivers face accidents due to improper work schedules. When drivers do not get adequate rest during the journey, they make mistakes. Therefore, accidents can happen at any moment. The victim suffers from severe back and neck injuries.
  • Workplace Accident: Over the last few years, the cases of workplace accidents have risen to a concerning level. Since employees do not get proper training and safety equipment, they are vulnerable to meeting workplace accidents. The employers are liable to pay compensation to the workplace injury victims. If your employer denies such compensations, you should consult our neck injury lawyers in Los Angeles to settle the dispute through a legal process.

Why Do You Need Neck and Back Injury Lawyers?

You need a neck and back injury lawyer for many reasons. If you have become a car or workplace accident victim, neck and back injuries may happen to you. Such injuries are concerning, as improper medical care can lead to the lifetime risk of a person. Nevertheless, the treatment process is lengthy. Thus, the victim has to deal with many expenses during the injury recovery process. So, getting compensation from the person responsible for the accident is essential. Therefore, you need professional and reliable neck injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

Find some reasons why you should consult a lawyer if you are suffering from neck and back injuries after an accident.

1. Identifying the Guilty Party

After an accident, many people do not understand the person or organization guilty of the accident. As a result, they do not claim compensation, and the guilty person or organization escapes paying the deserving compensation to the victims. A personal injury lawyer will inspect the details of an accident to find a person or organization's responsibility behind the accident.

If such a person or organization has been found, the lawyer will send them legal notice on your behalf demanding an appropriate compensation amount. If the person or organization denies compensation, the lawyer will file a lawsuit against them to resolve the dispute through a legal process.

2. Know the Compensation Amount

In many cases, the victim of an accident knows the person responsible for the mishap. But, they do not know the right compensation amount. In workplace accidents, such things happen frequently, and workers do not understand their legal rights to claim compensation. As a result, employers settle the matter by paying a small token amount to the victim.

With such a meager amount, the victim cannot meet the expenses for his medical treatment. Sometimes, workplace injury causes disability, and thus, the victims become jobless. In such a scenario, the victim deserves a lump sum compensation amount from the employer.

3. Understand the Legal Process

Understanding the legal matter is difficult for a layperson, and thus you need professional and reliable Los Angeles neck and back injury lawyers. At ABDI and Associates, our lawyers follow a step-by-step process to fetch the deserving compensation. We have years of experience in dealing with such cases, and thus we assure you satisfactory service.

The lawyers send legal notice to the guilty party demanding compensation. If the receiver of the letter does not respond, a lawsuit has been filed. Before filing the lawsuit, the lawyer collects evidence and meets the witness to record their statements. All these things are essential to challenge the guilty party in a legal process.

4. Long-term Treatment

As stated above, back and neck injuries are long-sustaining, and therefore, recovery from such injury is time-consuming. Thus, a victim has to deal with two kinds of medical expenses, and the first expense is short-term or emergency treatment.

After the emergency treatment, the person needs to undergo long-term treatment for a complete or partial recovery from the disability due to injury. In workplace accidents, employers pay the short-term treatment expenses. But, they do not provide treatment for the long-term expenses. Our professional Los Angeles back injury attorney will help you get the compensation for meeting the long-term treatment expenses.

Affordable Service at ABDI & Associates

ABDI & Associates offers affordable legal consultancy services to victims of back and neck injuries. If you suffer from such injury due to a fatal accident, we can provide you with legal consultation to get the deserving compensation from the person responsible for your injury. With years of experience in this field, we have found that back and neck injury victims have to deal with many expenses. Our lawyers aim to provide relief to the victims and their family members. Instead of increasing your financial burdens, we help you get the deserving compensation to meet medical expenses in exchange for a small legal consultancy fee. Contact us for more information.

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